The following are some of the comments made by my students over the years.

“When I came to Ruth and the Alexander Technique I was in a bad way.  Unable to sleep, walk, stand or function properly due to severe body wide tension.  Within a few lessons and regular practice my symptoms have disappeared and I am functioning pain free and in a relaxed way.  It is quite miraculous that what physiotherapy, massage and other forms of treatment had failed to make an impact, the Alexander Technique just swept aside.  I wish I had learnt about the Technique twenty years ago, it should be practiced by everyone to improve and maintain mobility throughout their life.”

“I love that my practise involves lying on the floor”

“After one lesson with Ruth I was pain-free for the first time in several months. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone suffering from back pain.”

“Having spent many years (and many pounds!) trying various treatments for my neck and upper back pain, I have been amazed at how quickly and effectively the Alexander Technique has started to change and improve my life. I think it was at my second lesson, how surprised I was to be pain free 'as if by magic'!    Your calm and positive approach has also played a significant part in the success of the lessons for me. You have taught me to recognise my poor postural habits and muscular tensions so that I can use my body much more effectively and effortlessly.  Just a few minutes practice can re-engergise and relax me in the most astonishing way!”

“Being new to the Alexander Technique I at first could not understand how something so gentle and relaxing would actually work.  I am very pleased to say, it does.  After a lesson I feel lighter and taller as if going skywards.  The improvement in posture appears to be easing long term back pain and to have reduced the amount of sciatic pain I have had for several months.”

“I am now virtually pain free. Occasionally I feel discomfort in my neck and I simply stop and notice how I’m using my body and then get it back into balance. And I love the fact that my main practise involves lying on the floor!”

“The Alexander Technique has definitely helped with my breathing.  I used the inhaler for my asthma as much as eight times a day and have been trying to give it up for twenty five years.  It was easy after applying the Technique - it has given me the space to breathe again

“The specialist at the Department of Clinical Neurophysiology at Poole Hospital suggested that the Alexander Technique would be helpful in relieving my severe symptoms of numbness so I contacted Ruth and started lessons in the Technique.  My numbness has abated and my posture, sense of balance and well-being have improved considerably as Ruth taught me to use my body more effectively, whether I am moving or keeping still.  Ruth’s manner is extremely caring, friendly and open as well as being highly professional.  After each lesson with her I have felt relaxed, refreshed, alert and ‘ironed out’!  Ruth works on my muscular and posture deficiencies, of which I was unconscious but which she keenly observes.  She has given me invaluable coping mechanisms and taught me to live more consciously.”

“It’s brilliant. I have more energy, my whole body is more in tune and life seems much lighter.”

“Over 30 years ago I had a whiplash injury. It seemed to resolve itself however 18 months ago it resurfaced severe neck and shoulder pain.  I tried all the usual conventional therapies and while I had some relief from these I was always in some degree of pain. I was recommended to Ruth.  At first I found it hard to believe that something so simple could have such great effect and I am now pain free.”

“I’ve practised the Technique and learnt how to use my whole body differently and I am thrilled by the results.”

“I feel like I did when I was a boy”

“Ruth introduced me to the Alexander Technique many years ago and I took several courses over an extended period. It is something that has stayed with me ever since and has changed my life. I often catch myself ‘thinking up’ and it always provides a guide for how to orient myself.”

What they say...

I’ve practised the Technique and learnt how to use my whole body differently and I am thrilled by the results.”

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