Although much can be learned from workshops and group sessions, specific benefit is gained from lessons taught on a one-to-one basis as everyone has their own individual movement patterns.  Lessons typically last around forty five minutes and are available Monday to Friday in the Sakura Studio on the Westcliff in Bournemouth.    

In your first lesson the main principles of the work will be outlined and you will have time to discuss how employing the Alexander ideas will be of direct benefit to you.  You will spend time on the table in “semi-supine” and learn how to orient yourself as you sit and stand.  We will work with movements which you can then apply to your everyday life.  As we work you will become increasingly mindful of unnecessary tensions in the body.  You will learn how to gently inhibit the force of habit and how to “direct” the head away from the top of the spine.  This upwards orientation allows the whole of the back to lengthen and widen and produces a feeling of lightness and ease in the body. You will be encouraged to use the “semi-supine” as a daily practice as well as employing Alexander’s “directions”:

    “Allow the neck to be free, in order to allow the head to move forward and up,
     in order to allow the whole of the back to lengthen and widen”

Come to your lesson wearing something you feel comfortable to move in. 


Working with Alexander principles can help us become more:

        Alert, Balanced

        Confident, Effective

        Focused, At Ease

        Poised, Positive

“Being new to the Alexander Work I at first could not understand how something so gentle and relaxing would actually work.  I am very pleased to say, it does.” 


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