Alexander’s Ideas

The Alexander Work is a learning process and a way of developing mindfulness in all activity.  It it is a skill that can be applied to all aspects of life whether you are seeking to improve your health or your performance

The Alexander Works is a way in which we can regain the ease and grace of movement we had when we were young. It teaches how to move with maximum freedom and minimum effort.  By a gentle guiding touch our understanding of the connection between the mind and body is developed.  Over a course of lessons we cultivate an increased sense of poise and balance and learn to be mindful in activity”. We are encouraged to observe and choose to alter habitual patterns of behaviour which can be the cause of much stress and fatigue.  The Technique helps us to release long held tensions, often the cause of pain, and replace them with balance, ease and flexibility.

The Technique is of particular benefit for those suffering from neck and back injury, chronic pain and health problems (e.g. asthma, sciatica).  It improves performance in dance, music, theatre and is invaluable in improving coordination and flexibility in all sporting activities.

The aims of the Technique are to:  Recognise the nature of the force of habit,  illuminate patterns of behaviour which are detrimental to our overall well being and change those patterns indirectly by means of positive conscious control.

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